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Athabasca Expressway

Quick Details

Adult Ages 15+
Child Ages 5-14 • Must be accompanied by an Adult

Ultimate Family Adventure!

After the canyon rafters enjoy wide open views as we paddle through the scenic Athabasca valley to our take out.

From novice to age ninety, no experience is necessary on the Athabasca River which is rich with historical references and scenic beauty. The calm, flowing stretches are peppered with small but splashy rapids. This is the ideal river for timid first timers and families with young children.

What we Provide: Licensed raft guides, self-bailing rafts, paddles, wetsuits, booties, paddle jackets, life jackets and helmets (if applicable).

What to Wear: A swimsuit or shorts under casual wear is best. Clothing worn under wetsuits gets wet, so bring a towel and warm clothes for afterwards.

Choosing a Trip

Rivers and rapids are rated on an international scale which ranges from the easiest Class 1 to the near impossible Class 6. As the numbers get higher the difficulty and excitement increase. Our goal is to provide our guests with the most enjoyable rafting experience possible.

With this in mind, the following chart will help you decide which of the trips we offer is right for you and your family.

FAQ’s and What to Know

  • What happens if it rains?
    Our trips go rain or shine; you’re going to get wet anyway! Remember that you will be provided with a wet suit and paddle jacket. If it’s cold or you get cold easily, remember to bring extra wool or polypropylene clothing to wear under your suit.
  • What is provided and what do I wear?
    We provide transportation to and from the river as well as life jackets, wet suits, paddle jackets, booties, paddles and helmets (where necessary). We change into our rafting gear at the rivers’ edge so our guests must wear a bathing suit or shorts under their street clothes. These items are worn under our wetsuits and will get wet. Bring a towel and dry clothes for after the trip. When the weather is rainy or cold we also recommend guests bring additional clothing (wool or polypropylene is best) to wear under their wet suits.
  • How many people per raft?
    For paddle rafting, our rafts can accommodate 6 to 10 passengers. Our paddle assist rafts accommodate 6 to 8 passengers.
  • Do you need experience to go on the Intermediate Class 3 and 3+ trips?
    More than 90% of our clients are first time rafters. As long as you weigh at least 90 lbs. (41 kgs.) and are physically active (you have to paddle and help carry the rafts to and from the river), you can take part in our Intermediate trips.
  • How are rivers and trips graded?
    Rivers and trips are graded on an international scale that ranges from the easiest Class 1 to the near impossible Class 6. As the numbers get higher the difficulty and excitement increase.
  • What is the difference between “paddle ” and “paddle assist” rafting?
    In both methods each clients uses a paddle to help maneuver the raft down the river. In “paddle” rafting on our Novice, Class 2 trips the guide sits in the rear and uses a paddle to steer the raft through the rapids. In “paddle assist” rafting the guide uses a unique rear mounted rowing frame, complete with oars to steer the raft. We use this technique for our Intermediate rivers, graded Class 3 or higher, to allow our guides greater control of the rafts.